東京都出身 1992年生まれ 25歳

在学時からプロとして活動を開始。2011年,台北JazzFestivalにゲスト出演。2013年,菊地成孔が主催する「HOT HOUSE ALTO SAXOPHONE BATTLE」にて優勝。在学中3年間,同大学で特別選抜演奏者に認定される。
2016年,Audio Technica ATM350WのPromotion Videoに参加。ラッパーGOMESS[MUKU]のMusic Videoに参加。リベラルa.k.a岩間俊樹[I.MY.ME]のレコーディングにsax,flute,vocorderで参加。ぼくのりりっくぼうよみ[after that]のMusic Videoに参加。



レギュラーバンドはHenna trio /Hagiwara Yu4tet /Bagrava/Liverwort Lab/マモル&ザ・クリティカルヒッツで活動中。

主な共演者はLewTabackin(ts,fl),David Binney(as),原朋直(tp),佐藤達哉(sax)多田誠司(sax),木幡光邦(tp),ユキアリマサ(p),渡辺香津美(gt),大坂昌彦(dr),向井滋春(tb),桑原あい(p)纐纈歩美(as),矢野沙織(as),中村健吾(bs)923BIGBANDなど。

彼のメロディを絞り出すアドリブプレイの姿は見えない音楽に鬼気迫り対峙し,その迫力に目を逸らす事が出来ない。(文.江口丈典Uplift Jazz Record)

I’m from Tokyo and I was born in 1992.
I have studied under Tatsuya Sato who is a graduate from the Senzoku College of Music jazz department. I have also studied under Junko Saito, Kuni Bando Sen and others in classical music.
I have worked as a professional during my school years. In 2011, I have taken part in the Taipei JazzFestival as a guest performer. I have won the championship in “HOT HOUSE ALTO SAXOPHONE BATTLE” which is held by Shigeru Kikuchi in 2013. During the three school years, I am authorized by the university as a member of the group of special selected players.
I am actively involved in live performances, studio recordings, and teaching private lessons around Tokyo.
I have started performing in Hong Kong last year, during the 3-day stay all 50 CDs were sold out. Having established a name and have made a few good friends in the scene, more performances and jobs are on their way.

Moreover, I am participating in the Twitter channel [my six seconds jazz phrase] as a sax lecturer.

I play a wide genre from Jazz – R&B to J-Pops. Besides working in the quartet under my name, I am also challenging experimental sounds and other various styles daringly.

His improvisation is an escalation from the melody. Tho music is invisible but you can feel the devilish pressure right in front, making it impossible to take your eyes off him. (commented byTakenori Eguchi)…

萩原優 (Alto,sop,tenor,flute,ewi,作曲家,編曲家)
在學時已開始作為專業樂手活動。於2011年, 在台北Jazz Festival 作客演出。2013年, 在菊地成孔舉辦「HOT HOUSE ALTO SAXOPHONE BATTLE」獲得優勝。在學3年間, 被大學認定為特別選抜演奏者。
主要參與樂隊為 Henna trio Hagiwar Yu4tet BUGRAPPA YOKOZUNA。
主要共演者有 LewTabackin(ts,fl),David Binney(as),原朋直(tp),佐藤達哉(sax)多田誠司(sax),木幡光邦(tp),YUKI ARIMASA(p),渡辺香津美(gt),大坂昌彦(dr),向井滋春(tb),桑原あい(p)纐纈歩美(as),矢野沙織(as),中村健吾(bs)923BIGBAND等。

他以旋律精煉出的即興演奏,如鬼氣對峙看不見的音樂 , 壓迫力足以讓人目不轉睛。(文.江口丈典)